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Sex sound recordings (sound only)

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Stop having loud sex notes

OOOHHH, AAHHHH Fuck me Now, Fuck me Harder, Slap my Ass… Oh, OH, OOOOWWW!!!

Neighbors Having Sex! – Just what we all want to hear as we are trying to sleep with those fucking and I mean fucking noises coming from the room next to us.  That’s right, your roommate is doing that little slut again and you haven’t had any in a couple months.  No Fucking Fair.  Or it’s hotel sex sounds in the room next to you. You hear the bed squeaking, headboards banging and all the moaning. Yes, someone is having way too much fun and letting you and everyone close to their room know about it by being too fucking loud.  I’MMMM CUMMMING

Payback is hell, so here’s your chance to get back.  Record those sex sounds with your phone or whatever else you have and post it here.  Yes, YES !!!  Right there, right there… OH MY GOD!!! AAYYYYYYYY!

Recordings of Neighbors Having Sex!

Now a days, walls and doors are made too fucking cheaply so everything you say or say while you’re doing the nasty can be heard by everyone.  Your roommate, your kids, your neighbors, your hotel room neighbors, the paperboy, the mailman and everyone now has a phone that records.  So fucking record those sex sounds and put it here. While you’re here you can listen to the recordings of neighbors having sex others submitted.

Find out who your neighbors Daddy really is!!!  Who ate who’s pussy last night or got cum on their face?  YES!!!!  Is that your Dad fucking your MOM or is Mom fucking around. Give it to me Harder!!! Eat my fucking pussy now!!!!  OOOHHH. Blow me bitch, that’s right baby Suck that cock hard and lick my balls!

Sex Sounds!

Yes, it’s all here for you to listen to and for you to upload on to this site for the world to hear those sex sounds you have to put up with on a fucking nightly basis.  Don’t hold in all that frustration or jerk off while listening to them.  Post sex noises here so the world can listen to it and this way you don’t have to risk being caught jerking off by someone, you have the recording here and can do it in the privacy of your own room!!

How about getting them back real good.  Let’s get devious here with these fucking loud fuckers.  Hook your laptop up to your TV, come to our site and play it next time the people you recorded are at your house.  The look on their faces will be priceless, but be prepared to lose your friends unless they have a great sense of humor. Maybe that will stop their fucking asses from keeping you up all night.

Or the best idea is to find a little slut or stud and get a room next to your friends and pay them back with a lot of moaning groaning fucking and sucking of your own, you can always record your own fucking noises and post it here too!!

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